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How to Get Better in Overwatch with the New Season 30 Release

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Overwatch Season 30 started on 2nd September 2021. It is a team-based game where two teams consisting of six players participate in the game. That’s why there is a need to focus on the top DPS, tank, and support heroes to rank up in season 30 Overwatch. If you want to win the arena in season 30, you need to go for Overwatch season 30 boosting. Unless your account is not high with the help of boosting companies, you may find it challenging to play with Pro gamers. Get boosted in Overwatch and make your game better in season 30.

Get Better in Overwatch Season 30 with Best Heroes

Here are the greatest heroes who boost your chances of winning matches if you want to climb the ranked ladder in Season 30.

Season 30; Best DPS

While any hero in the game can kill enemies, the best DPS hero can kill the enemy at the fastest rate. These heroes have the best chance of dealing a large amount of damage over a long time.

Soldier 76

Soldier: 76’s rifle receives a buff/nerf in Season 30, raising his damage from 19 to 20 at the cost of 40 to 35 health per second on his Stim Beacon. Playing the game with Solider 76 will undoubtedly improve your performance.


Hanzo is a medium-range sniper who excels at teamwork and area denial. His arrows are relatively silent and hard to spot, making him a stealthier sniper who can assist you in getting more kills.

Best Tanks to Rank Up in Season 30


Orisa is the team’s core pillar, providing a protective barrier to her colleagues on the frontlines. She can attack from afar, bolster her defenses, employ graviton charges to delay and move opponents, and use a Supercharger to boost the damage output of multiple companions at once.


In Overwatch, Zarya is a Tank hero. Zarya’s ultimate ability gathers enemies into a tight cluster, rendering them vulnerable to many other ultimates that rely on the enemy team being close together. It is the most effective technique to increase your chances of winning.

Climb Up in Overwatch Season 30 with Best Supports


Mercy may improve your game performance by amplifying damage, and it allows you to make any top damage dealers even more dangerous while still providing consistent healing.


Baptiste still has one of the most potent defensive abilities in the game, even after Blizzard nerfed his Immortality Field.

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