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Overwatch: Tips for a Better Gaming Experience for Beginners

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For newcomers to Overwatch, we’ve prepared some tips and tricks in our article to help you get into the game faster and better. Often it is the little things that count in order to get a better feel for the game or to have more fun with a competitive multiplayer title such as Overwatch. For this reason, we have put together the top beginner tips for you in our guide.

Tip 1: Team line-up and Team play

Each game has its own mechanics and Overwatch is an example of how to get away from the conventional shooter and break new ground. Players of World of Warcraft or MOBA games will quickly feel at home here. The formation of a team always follows a certain pattern.

In WoW there was the idea that the teams should be divided into tanks (tanks), supporters (e.g. healers) and damage dealers (damage dealers) – in Overwatch a distinction is again made between offensive and defensive – each of which has its own individual task. In the team line-up, it is therefore mandatory that you have a tank by your side, if necessary one or two supporters, and finally, fill up the rest of the team with damage dealers so that the fight can take place evenly.

If the team balance is not even, then you can quickly get into a disadvantage. An imbalance occurs, for example, if you only have damage dealers on the team. The question rightly arises, who takes the damage in combat and who heals the fighters? Because unlike in shooters, where every player has, for example, 100 life points and has to get by with it, tanks here often have four times as many life points and a targeted shot on the head is usually not enough.

Tip 2: Map and Surroundings 

In any competitive shooter game, you will not be able to avoid familiarizing yourself with the map and the environment. Especially in games like Overwatch, where the map is not statically limited to two-dimensional spaces, you can achieve a lot with little gimmicks. There are small niches, high spots, or moving platforms that give the cards more dynamism. The urgency is increased by the map objectives since you either have to hold a point on the map, accompany, or take it.

The attack surface for a mobile escort is much centered. The attackers can take advantage of this by besieging the middle of two fronts or letting individual players distract the enemy while the rest of them strike from one main front. Even when conquering points, there are usually versatile attack options that you should use. Before the enemy uses an ability to move the position of the higher-lying and even invisible Widowmaker to places that affect him from a great distance, it often takes a little time or said abilities. In the best-case scenario, this time can bring you victory.

Also, there is not always only one way to get there. If you attack from a non-conventional side as a closed team, you can take your opponents by surprise with all your strength from time to time. The best way to get to know alternative ways for the individual cards, for example, if you play against the AI ​​and go on an exploration tour. So you can plan your project in advance and implement it adequately at the required time.

Tip 3: Movement

Movement is essential in Overwatch as well. And although you will stand and spend most of the game at the side of your team, with a clever move at the right moment you can triumph over one or the other opponent. In a first-person shooter, you can only kill your enemies if you know where they are, where they will be in a few seconds, or where they will be next.

Here you don’t even need a direct field of view to attack or inflict damage. So be aware of what step the opposing player will take next. The heroes in Overwatch have a wide variety of skills. Combine the enemy’s plan with your skills. Can you cut them off or put literal stones in the way? Then prepare everything in this regard.