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Overwatch: Why Your Rank is So Low

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Ranking up in Overwatch can be difficult but like most things, a few small changes sustained over time could grow and pay dividends. I would like to share my reasons why most people are in Low Rank in overwatch.


Some people play rank when they get home from work or school after a long frustrating day and you just want to wind down and relax. The problem with that is rank is not relaxing. Most people won’t achieve high rank simply because they don’t take the game seriously because if they did they’d lose their minds. Imagine coming home from work and your boss just accused you of something you didn’t do or your co-worker hist on you and you don’t know what to do or they cut your hours and you run home to play some overwatch and the first person to disagree with you on comms gets an earful. Now you are a bitter old gamer and nobody likes you. So like most people you play to have fun and not care as much as you do real-life stuff. This is understandable but a bad mindset if ranking up is important to you.

Play rank overwatch when you have free time and you are looking for some excitement. You want that high pressured situation and the stress and you welcome close losses as much as close victories. Having energy and benign in a good mood will always help you rank up because not only will it help you tilt less but it will also help your team tilt less because at the end of the day Overwatch is a team game.


It could be that you are busy and you just don’t have time to be good at every role or every Hero which is understandable as an adult, but adults do often chase the simple pleasures of childhood. So maybe for a few hours every weekend you like to pretend you are out of school and your home alone with no mean parents to stop you from having fun… well that means you have to keep your expectations low on how much time you have to learn the game inside and out. It’s best to keep to one Hero.

It seems like it shouldn’t take that long but it does. Not only do you have to learn your hero but all other Hero’s interactions with their abilities and Ultimates with your hero. You have to learn Hero match ups and advantages and disadvantages your hero has on each map. With 32 playable characters and 21 maps that eight hours a weekend are starting to look like it will be stretched pretty thin. On top of that, you have to learn how your abilities combo with your teammates. There is a lot of ability combos that can help your team out in a pinch or even better ultimate combos to clear a room.

Use comms effectively. Communicate effectively and clearly with your microphone to help steer your allies’ attention to prudent information. You can call out for help, kills, or enemy positions to help your team win. This means you have to keep comms clean. I don’t just mean no cursing but no unnecessary clutter. The team doesn’t need to know about your dog or what you are making for dinner. It’s impossible to hear two people talk at once and more importantly, most people are too polite to talk over you making it awkward to call out enemy positions in key moments. When you call something out make sure to repeat yourself two to three times so that your allies can confirm what they hear. They might not have been paying attention or clearly understood one of your calls the first time.


Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Sleep affects not only reaction time but also, temperament and decision making. So an unhappy gamer with little sleep will be easy to anger, which leads the team to tilt and possibly ignore some of your calls, slow to respond to enemies, and use the wrong abilities at the wrong time.

Bad Game

You don’t need to carry every game. Sometimes we think we are the protagonist of our story but sometimes really we are a supporting character. There are many gamers out there with painfully low rank who are good at the game for the so reason that they try to force a win on their back. Maybe it’s on-off day or maybe the enemy is in your head but for whatever reason, it’s just not your night, do not try to be the hero only to ensure a loss. Look for a player that is in a good rhythm and try to win through their strengths. There is no shame in being supportive of one game and benign the hero the next.

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Have the confidence to try to win and live with the consequences. Sometimes we go through life afraid of risking something simply because we think the loss would be too much to bear. In video games, you can always bear the loss. First, you must learn to lose before you learn to win. Trying a new move in rank or making a high mechanical play sounds scary but it will be less scary if it were your 200th time doing it. If you don’t want to be afraid of something, repeat it. In baseball, you can’t hit the ball without swinging the bat and it’s true in anything else.

You’re Bad

The last reason you are so low ranked is because you are not that good at the game. It’s okay sometimes to be bad at something you like. Games are very much about the ranking systems now and it’s fun for a lot of people but the real goal is fun. Have fun playing the game in any way you can find it. If you are low in rank so what. Play and be bad and you might get better or you might not but what’s far worse is spending hours of your life on something only to make you miserable, no internet article can help those people.

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